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How It Works

Service overview

From dealing to reporting, we can help transform how you operate funds.

How it works
  1. Our open architecture systems make it easy for you to input your trades.
  2. To give you peace of mind we confirm the receipt of the trade instructions in less than one second. This not only guarantees the valuation point but also helps you manage and predict your cash flow.
  3. We aggregate all trades and place them electronically with the fund managers.
  4. The trade is priced and settled using market-leading settlement infrastructure.
  5. Once the trade has been priced and settled we make electronic intraday and overnight data files available for download, providing details on all aspects of asset servicing.
  6. Trades are settled daily, on value date, on a net and contractual basis. Net settlement means you receive or make just one payment in or one payment out per day, saving you time on cash management and money on multiple transaction charges. Contractual means we don't have to wait to receive funds before we settle your trades - every instrument we offer is underpinned by a contract with the relevant fund group.

Solutions Built Around You

Our technology supports all market leading non-proprietary messaging services, giving you flexibility and choice, including XML, SWIFT, ISO 15022/20022 etc.

Alternatively you can connect with us through our web dealing system.

We can also work with you and your chosen technology partner to create a bespoke solution - should this be required.

We've already developed interfaces with a number of leading system providers to allow our service to be deployed with minimal lead time.

Our team is ready to discuss your system requirements.

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