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Key Benefits

Adding value to your business

Harness The Benefits For Your Business

Cofunds' institutional service provides powerful benefits for any firm that relies on efficient fund administration to service its clients and grow its business.

Opportunity With Fewer Constraints

By harnessing Cofunds' technology and expertise, you'll find that operational constraints on your business are dramatically reduced.

You'll be able to resource your back office administration teams far more efficiently, and you'll also find that fund business can be easily scaled up without a significant increase in staff.

Most important of all, you have more time and resources for the client focused activities that add the greatest long term value to your business.

Reduce Risk

  • All dealing risk is transferred to Cofunds
  • Contractual fund settlement removes the settlement risk
  • Straight through processing minimises errors at every stage of trading, settlement and reconciliation.

Increase Efficiency

  • Electronic trading and automatic record updating reduces the burden on your back office
  • Elimination of fund manager documentation simplifies administration
  • Consolidated monthly trail commission payments simplify and regulate your cash flows.

Stay In Control

  • Use your preferred settlement method - CREST, CHAPS or SWIFT
  • Maintain comprehensive online data on your organisation's fund trading activities
  • Focus on just one comprehensive electronic reconciliation from a single counterparty.

Add Value For Your Clients

  • You can receive either net or gross income distributions on the fund manager pay date, allowing you to offer this to your clients
  • Intraday fund pricing enables timely production of client confirmations and reports
  • Instant access to over 5,000 fund instruments without the need for the usual account opening, or AML processes associated with fund trading.

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