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The Features

One application form, one payment, one statement, many fund options...

Trade Funds Your Way, Every Day

No matter how complex or high volume your daily fund trading activities, Cofunds technology helps you keep your process simple and reliable.


Our technology enables you to place trades for over 5,000 fund instruments quickly and easily.

Every trade is confirmed by us in less than one second and the valuation point is guaranteed by Cofunds.


Trades are priced and settled using market leading settlement systems. We also offer net settlement, so no matter if you submit 5 or 500 trades per day, you receive or pay just one payment per day.

Trades can be settled by CREST, CHAPS or SWIFT - it's your choice.

What's more you don't have to wait for us to receive funds (from the fund manager) before we settle your trades. Our platform contract with each fund group means every trade is settled on the market settlement date.


Cofunds' technology enables you to report trades faster and more easily, this is supported by both intraday and overnight data files.

Dealing prices and the confirmed consideration are made available as soon as they are received from the fund manager – potentially as soon as one hour after the valuation point.

By harnessing this powerful resource, Cofunds’ clients can offer servicing standards leaps ahead of many of their peers.


One of the most time consuming post-trade activities for any back office is reconciliation.

Cofunds helps you transform your operational efficiency by providing daily automated electronic data files, this enables you to perform your reconciliations by transactions and holdings as often as you like. All fund reconciliations are available from a single source, Cofunds, thus eliminating the need for reconciling with multiple counterparties.

Asset Servicing

We cover all aspects of assets servicing, from corporate actions to distributions through to trail payment.

Cofunds collates and processes all corporate action and distributions information from all fund groups. This is then processed within our systems, and provided to you in a simplified and standard format allowing you to make your own processing more efficient.

Trail payments are calculated and processed by Cofunds, so we’ are able to provide you with MI that you can fully reconcile to your positions. Payments are made to you each month, allowing you to benefit from receive trail sooner.

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