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How we can help

It's easy to keep track of your investments with Cofunds

The vast range of financial products and planning strategies can seem bewildering at times. Furthermore, as your circumstances change your financial goals will change and your investment decisions will need to be reviewed to make sure you're on the right track.

Financial advisers have day-to-day experience of the investment marketplace and are qualified to give advice on a range of products and investment strategies. That's why we never offer investment advice ourselves and only make our service available to investors through a registered financial adviser.

Key benefits to investors

By having an adviser use the Cofunds platform to plot and execute your investments means that you benefit from:

  • A range of funds and investment products
  • Investment tools that produce detailed investment illustrations and fund key features
  • Up-to-date valuations covering all holdings you have on the Cofunds platform giving you a clear view of the value of your investments
  • Half-yearly consolidated statements
  • Free online access to fund manager reports & accounts.

Quick and easy online access

What's more, many advisers who use our service can now offer you the option to log in to your account and see your portfolio online, giving you even greater control and peace of mind.

Find a financial adviser to help you manage your investments

Investors Help Factsheet

 For information on how to register the death of a Cofunds client, please read our guide, When someone dies – a guide for executors and administrators.

Investors Help Factsheet

 Read our Investors Help factsheet if you have any questions about how to manage your investments on the Cofunds platform.

Find an adviser

If you do not have an adviser, you can view more helpful information here.