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Find an adviser or intermediary

Where can I find an adviser?

A financial adviser can help you plan your financial priorities and goals and offer you advice when building an investment portfolio that supports them. They can help you adjust your portfolio as your circumstances change and keep you up to date with current legislation and regulation.

If you don't already have an adviser there are websites that can help you find one, such as or the Personal Finance Society (PFS).

Where can I find an intermediary?

If you're comfortable making your own investment decisions and feel you don't need financial advice, then using an intermediary might be an option you want to explore. An intermediary, or execution-only broker as they're also called, will allow you to manage and plan your investments while giving you access to a wide range of investment funds. Some also offer access to research and fund panels, however they don't offer financial advice. If you require financial advice then we strongly recommend choosing a financial adviser.

Here's a list of intermediaries who use Cofunds:

One portfolio, one platform

See 'One portfolio, one platform' for more information on advised investing on Cofunds.