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The platform concept

One application form, one payment, one statement, lots of choice

In a nutshell, investment platforms enable Financial Advisers to place a selection of funds from many different fund providers into one consolidated portfolio. Cofunds simplifies the process of investing and, with online access, powerful consolidation tools and back office integration, advisers can now spend far less time on administration and more time servicing the needs of their clients or attracting new ones.

The old way

  • Client portfolios were managed by the Adviser dealing with each fund group separately
  • Different application forms, separate payments, different client statements and multiple portfolio valuations were needed, which made the process more complex and time consuming
  • The more diversification of different funds and different fund managers, the more difficult it was for Advisers to keep track of their clients portfolios
  • It was a very paper orientated administrative process.

The Cofunds way

  • Portfolios can be constructed and managed in one place using an extensive fund range and web based portfolio analysis and construction tools all on Cofunds' easy to use website
  • One application form, one payment, one client statement
  • A simplified process resulting in reduced administration for the adviser and better service for the investor
  • Optional online access for investors to view their portfolios.


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